Collecting Personalised Car Number Plates


It is obvious during any trip on our roads that the popularity of personalised number plates has risen vastly. Once seen as simply a status symbol to the stars, a private number plate is now THE must have car accessory. People of all ages and backgrounds are discovering the joys and benefits of owning their own personal number plate and the number of owners continues to grow.

People buy car registration numbers for a whole variety of reasons. For some they represent the ultimate personal gift for a family member or loved one, while others chose to indulge themselves and make their vehicle stand out in the crowd. Businesses purchase private number plates as a unique way of advertising their companies and collectors buy registrations as a hobby or investment. Number plate enthusiasts often own more than one registration and many own huge collections of private plates. The scarcity and age of some registrations has led them to become collectors items and are quickly snapped up when they are for sale.

There is an increasing trend to invest in number plates with investors seeing exceptional returns. Many people are now purchasing private plates to diversify their...

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