Wow Gold Buying Safety Measures

Ok, youre sick and tired of grinding and working 8 hours of day in World of Warcraft to make that 100 gold. Its time to buy some WoW Gold and buy it now. But wait, who do you buy from? Who can you trust? You want the best price but you dont want to get ripped off by some fly by night gold seller believe me there are plenty of them. Ill out line a good starting point for you so you know what to look for when buying.

Before you buy there are a few ground rules and precautions you should know. First, it may seem like common sense, but never give out your password or login information to any gold seller. They dont need it! They only need to know what server youre on and where to meet you.

You also should check into the sellers reputation. One simple tactic is googling their name and quickly looking over what others have said about them. Also if they use paypal as a payment method be sure they are a paypal certified merchant that accepts credit card payments. Sellers must go through a 다낭유흥 long process with paypal verifying their credit card, identity, address, and bank account. If anything goes wrong paypal can track them easily. Also paypal has a list of reputation points...

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