The BOOZE SNOOZE (Alcohol Abuse)

Dangers of the booze snooze

Drink driving not a very good combination kill or be killed.
Think before you drink? You may be saving your own life by saying no to last orders or that of a friend who you feel may have had too much to drink.
You do not want to live the rest of your life with that terrible feeling of guilt if only.

Top of the guest list at any party is Booze. Happy events and occasions are celebrated with Booze, a sparkling glass of champagne to toast the happy couple on their wedding day. A farewell handshake and the finest bottle of malt whiskey presented to granddad on retirement a schooner of sherry at baby’s christening.
Booze gives merriment to all who consume but can also come with a 실데나필 lot of heartache in the form of alcohol abuse.

Laughter turns to disaster

Unfortunately the dangers of this lethal concoction go unnoticed.
Read the label before attempting to drink sprits or beer that you are unsure about. If alcohols recommended dosage is adhered too, then it can prove to be the best party guest you could ever have.

Limit your alcohol in take on a night out on the town; follow the golden rules...

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