Should You Sell Your Wares At A Craft Fair?

Simply put, a craft fair is an organized event where exhibitors display their crafts for sale. Even though the number of people selling products at craft fairs both full-time and part-time 슬롯사이트 seems to be increasing, it can be tough to decide whether or not craft fairs are for you. There is profit to be had at craft fairs, but you should do your homework before you jump in.

A good way to decide if you should sell your creations at a craft fair is to go to a few in your area. Visit small craft fairs. Visit large craft fairs. Check out both open air markets and indoor exhibitions. See what kind of traffic they have. See what people are selling and what consumers are buying.

These are important items to know when considering selling products at craft fairs yourself. You can find out what craft fairs are coming to your area by checking websites like,, and You can also get this information if you belong to a craft guild or subscribe to a trade journal. Seek out the opinions of your fellow crafters or friends that have participated in craft shows to find out which are the...

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