RV In Australia

RVs have been a long established means of touring or vacationing in Australia. The size of the country, plus the comparitively small population, has made it a requirement to plan well for an extended trip.

Many visitors from North America or Europe are surprised by the scale of the country, roughly equivalent to each of these continents.

I have driven by car many times between Sydney and Perth, from the East (Pacific Ocean) coast to the West (Indian Ocean) coast. This is a distance of 4000 Kilometers or 2500 miles, driving 10-14 hours a day takes 4 days. (the Indian Pacific train trip takes 2 1/2 days, by air it’s 4 hours)

Now consider that one third of the area of the country is the state of Western Australia. WA has a population of 1.5 million, of whom 1.3 million live in Perth. This compares with the total Australian population of 20 million. So there is not much in the rest of the State. Crossing the Nullabor plain there is a gap between service stations and motels, for fuel and rest, of 100 miles or 160 Km.

The dream of many an Aussie on retirement, is to travel around 파워사다리분석기 the country in some form of RV. So there is a growing, and continually...

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