How A Regular Joe Made It To The Boardroom

The Joe in question isnt me. Its a good friend of mine.

Born in squalor, raised in need, and oppressed by his neighbors, he fought tooth and nail to survive the slums, enter a good university- and now, runs a multitude of companies.

These aren’t your run of the mill single proprietorships. These are mid scale corporations with 100 to 500 dedicated employees. Each one radiates the zest he does.

We had a long talk over Coke Light last night (yep, beers no good for powerhouses) and I discovered we both lived by similar principles. These tenets helped us survive the tumult of life:

– You cant be everything to everybody

– Dont waste time befriending mad dogs.

– Admit there is no perfection, but strive for it nonetheless.

– Never underestimate the delight of real simplicity in lifestyle.

– Avoid unecessary complications.

– Consider first what is worth fighting for.

– Focus your mind on the pleasant aspects of life.

– Concentrate on things that can enhance your situation.

– Forget what is irrevocably painful or ugly.

– Frustration paralyzes efficiency. Ditch it.

– When you feel like a loser, look back at all those shining moments. Theres no such thing as a loser.

– Never procrastinate- cut through the chase and get things done. Or youll suffer tomorrow.

– Realize that men arent created equal. Thats a fact. But we all deserve equal opportunities.

– There will always be leaders and followers. Not everyone can be president.

– There is no cut and dried formula for success. Run for the hills when someone sells you one.

and here’s one thing I realized after I graduated college:

– Success isn’t an accident. It’s a choice.

Let me tell you something. Every action, thought, and emotion you entertain ultimately shapes your future. Since you made it to the end of this article, I know you’re committed to creating the good life for yourself. You can begin right now by deciding to make the right choices.

Every time.


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